Work Permit - Taiwan

To obtain a work permit is never easy. Fortunately for English teachers are much easier as some schools get permits for their teachers but not always. Below are basic requirements for applying a work permit.

Employment offer letter 
The employer in Taiwan will need to provide a letter of invitation or employment contract. Requird for work permit application. 

Visa type
Visitor Visa-for visiting.
Resident Visa- visa required for work permit.

Required documents from employee

  • Have your education certificate, diploma translated and certified by a Taiwanese embassy or  through Taiwanese Representative Office. ( e.g Taipei Representative Office in the U.K. )
  • Copy of individual income and tax statement
  • Your medical report ( including AIDS and hepatitis ) and receipt of examination payment.
  • Applicants need to pass Drug test. Have the documents with you if the test is done outside Taiwan
  • Copy of your passport
  • 8 passport sized photos

Time: 7 – 14 working days ( may be longer )